Lighter. Stronger. Stiffer. Smoother. LINK

Lefty is LIGHTER. Our lightest Lefty, the SPEED Carbon XLR, weighs an unbelievable 1250g. Even our heaviest Lefty, at 1445 grams, is lighter than most of our competitors lightest race offerings.




The heart of all HeadShok and Lefty designs, Cannondale’s patented 88 Needle Bearing Technology keeps the suspension rolling fluidly, regardless of load. Unlike with normal bushing forks, hard braking, impacts and steering forces have no effect on the shock’s ability to move, which allows the wheel to track the ground freely and keeps the rider in perfect control.

Don’t Slide. Roll

Rather than sliding on bushings like other forks, Lefty rolls smoothly on precision-ground needle bearings. These bearings eliminate friction and allow the Lefty to remain plush and active under loads that would cause a bushing fork to bind and stick. Better suspension equals better control.

Lefty is STRONGER.

XC weight meets dirt jumper tough. Lefty’s unconventional inverted design, with its oversized steerer, massive outer tube and beefy dual crowns, gives even the lightest carbon Lefty the strength to go head-to-head in destructive testing with forks designed for much more abusive riding. Bike Magazin (GER) testing proves Lefty beats out traditional all-mountain and freeride forks.

Lefty is STIFFER.

Despite weighing less than the lightest XC race forks, Lefty’s stout structure combined with its “square-in-a-square” stanchion design allow it to post deflection numbers comparable with the burliest thru-axle forks.


Our patented 3D forging process, used for parts like the OPI outer leg/clamp structure, the OPI inner leg/axle structure, and our OPI stem/steerer, integrates multiple parts into single forged pieces, reducing overall weight and increasing strength.

Superior Design

Lefty’s inverted double-clamp design is stiffer, stronger and lighter than the normal single crown designs. When System Integrated with the OPI stem/steerer, it forms the lightest, most precise suspension system available.