Antwerp City Drops

Hope all is well on your end. This way I’d like to send you some information that you can share on your website and social media channels. This unique DIRT event in the city centre of Antwerpen will go down this upcoming weekend 24-25 September. There are a few spots available still for your readers in the Open Qualifier on Saturday morning so if you think anyone should see this, please pass it on to them directly. The opportunity is there for those who act quickly.

If you could share this online, it’s much appreciated. If you need a media pass, let me know and I’ll put you on the list. We’re looking forward to some fun times at Antwerp City Drops and would share the good times with the BMX fans.
Antwerp City Drops 24-25 September 2016

Antwerp City Drops is about to take place in the city centre of Antwerp, Belgium. The Groenplaats will be the venue of a mega dirt jump set up where invited BMX dirt riders will put on a show that has never been seen before in Belgium. An 8 meter high starting ramp will send the riders to the moon twice before they hit the 5 meter high dirt quarterpipe at the end. Be ready for flipwhips, triple downside whips, moto-whips and everything else the top guys will bring to the party town. Open practice will take place on Friday 23 September from 18:00hr – 20:00hr. and will continue the next morning at 09:00hr.
If this sounds like your cup of tea and you think you have what it takes, a few spots are available for the open qualifiers which start at 11:00hr on Saturday 24 September. The top rider will join the invited riders such as Dawid Godziek, Tom van den Bogaard, Patrick Guimez, Simon Moratz, Joe Baddeley, Kenneth Tancre, Paul Thoelen, Sem Kok, Craig Teague, Desmond Tessemaker and Alessandro Barbero during the Antwerp City Drops Dirt contest at 15:00hr. The top 8 from the qualification will transfer to Sunday’s final. A total of €4500,= will be divided in the final so expect the riding to get nuts on Sunday.

Saturday evening a Best Trick contest will be held at De Groenplaats in Antwerp. The winner of this event will go home with an extra €500,= making the total pro purse a whopping €5000.

Access to watch is free all weekend. Loads of Urban sport activities are taking place in Antwerp starting from 23-25 September. The party program is in check too.

Those interested in riding the Open Dirt Qualifier on Saturday, please contact Bart de Jong at:

Judges for the event are a.o. Markus Wilke, Paul de Jong and Sven Grieten.

Media Contact: Bart de Jong

Organisation: Peter Geys